Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Pride of Queen Bee

“Should I ask Red Queen Bee to let me join the Worker Bees” - Dwarf Bee wonders, “These old bees bring so little nectar. They can’t finish the beehive by end of the summer”.
Dwarf Bee lurks out of her corner hexagonal cell. She tumbled over couple of times on her way to Red Queen’s cell. Thousand of bees are squeezed in the beehive. Beehive has expanded but not enough. The summer season is short this time. Time is running out for Red Queen Bee to finish the beehive and collect nectar to survive the harsh winter season.

“Red Queen, our nectar collection is slow. You should do something, else we all will die in winters”-Dwarf bee groused to Red Queen. 
“Little Dwarf, go back to your cell. Senior Worker Bees are industrious. We’ll have best beehive in all the land. Our honey will be our pride” said Queen Bee.
“No Red Queen, we need young Worker Bees. The old ones are slow. May I join them?”
“Little Dwarf, you are not a Worker Bee. You are the future queen. I’ll soon get relived of my responsibilities. You will then be endowed upon with the task to reproduce the next generation of bees.”
Dwarf Bee feels distraught. She may never be able to help the Worker Bees. She finds Worker Bees busy in their daily tasks. Worker Bees are hovering over larvae cells, possibly feeding larvae nectar & honey. They are also spread all over the beehive walls to strengthen it with wax. Dwarf Bee flies out of the beehive to check the progress.
“Dwarf Bee, this outside world snatches away our honey, destroys our beehive. Worker Bees sacrifice their lives to safeguard the beehive from these intruders” - Red Queen warned Dwarf Bee when little Dwarf ventured outside once.
Little Dwarf’s curious nature nudges her to explore the world outside. She never understood why intruders take their honey; why Worker Bees sacrifice their lives?
She visibly remembered an incident last summer. A senior Worker Bee alerted the beehive on an imminent intruder attack. Worker Bees move outside and emitted high pitched buzz to shoo the intruder away. The intruder came close and plunged his hands in the beehive. The hive broke into two pieces. The end was near. The senior-most Worker Bee moved in front to locate the intruder’s sensitive area near head. She needed to attack with brute force. Stinging will be an ultimate act of sacrifice. She moved up and down. Finally she attacked, stinging the intruder with brute force and in the process breaking her sting & abdomen. The Worker Bee died.
“Dwarf Bee, come inside, Red Queen is not buzzing. Is she no more?” – comes a voice from beehive.
Dwarf Bee flies toward the Queen Bee cell. She is not moving. Dwarf Bee pulls her out. Queen’s sting is rolled like a snail. Her wings are stuck with the body; her skin has turned brown from sparkling red.
“Oh my Queen, who will guide us now” – says sobbing Dwarf Bee.
“You will be our queen now, Dwarf Bee” 
Little Dwarf is not little anymore.  Her coronation ceremony is largest in the land. Queen Bees from other colonies arrive in herds to attend the ceremony.
“Dwarf Queen, I apologize but I think this beehive doesn’t suit your magnificent empire”- says Brown Queen, “You should come to our land across the river. It’s safe and nectar is available in plenty”.
“But Red Queen’s memory is in this land. How can we leave this beautiful land of ours? We’ll have the best beehive and nectar in all the land. Our Worker Bees will fight each intruder. They don’t shy away from sacrifices. No one can destroy our world” says proud Dwarf Queen.
Dwarf Queen is aware her beehive is prone to intruders. They may again be attacked again this summer. Should she swarm away from here? But this place has given her colony so much. Bee Workers happily buzz over the farm nearby. They know each and every flower. These flowers are so kind to offer their nectar.
“We will stay here and fulfill the dreams of our late Red Queen. I want you all to double your effort. Get more nectar and wax the beehive before winter arrives” - announces Queen Dwarf after her coronation.  
Few days later:
“Queen Dwarf, we are under attack. Intruders are approaching beehive from all directions”
There was buzz in the whole beehive. Dwarf Bee orders a group of 100 Bee workers to spread in all directions and sting these intruders. Bees spread attack the enemy with brute force. All of them died instantly.
Intruders are still rushing towards the beehive. Their masks saved them from the stings. Dwarf Bee knows the end is near. Enemy is better prepared this time. Was it a mistake to stay here?
“We can’t stay here anymore. This may be our end but we will not accept the defeat. The fight will go on.”
“Bee Land, Bee pride” shouts the Worker Bees. It was a war cry. They were behind their Queen Dwarf ready to sacrifice their lives for Bee pride. 
“We are under attack by four intruders. We’ll make their approach difficult. A group of 100 bees will attack each intruder. Half will buzz near their head. Half will revolve around to distract them. This will slow them down”- strategizes Dwarf Queen with her Workers.
“New Bee batches to replace the old one if old ones die in the battle. We’ll not let them have our land without a fight”
“Oh shit, these Bees. What do they eat?” - says Simon.
He still remembers the Bee Sting last summer. He had to run away. This time he is covered fully to survive the bee attack.
The first batch of Bees buzz with high pitch near Simon’s face. He tries to slap them away but hit himself & falls down.
“My kids love natural honey. I can’t disappoint them this time”.
“John, move fast. Burn a fire near the beehive” Simon shouted.
The smoke tranquil down the bees. They feel dizzy and start to fall on the ground.
Dwarf Bee decides to throw herself in the battle. Half of her army is dead. The other half is struggling to stand upto enemy. She hovers near his body to sting him. Simon throws her away and smudges down the whole beehive.
Dwarf Bee could only watch the beehive turn into pieces. Her wings don’t have strength to move her body. Her eyes are drooping. She sees Red Queen a little far moving up towards the clouds. Dwarf Bee has no energy, no strength left. She wants to sleep now.

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