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  1. vikrant in your article 'My six month long investment Journey' - You talked about the Network bit - Can you also add me to the What's app group - if it's open to everyone. I have been investing from the last 2 years and do follow Warren Buffett Philosophy and him as a person.

  2. Hi Prashant,

    There are hundreds of whatsapp / fb groups on stock investing. Many of these platforms are being exploited to misguide amateur investors. When I wrote the article I was new to investing and these groups did expose me to many new stocks; but it took me sometime to understand pitfalls of joining these groups. I hear about next hot pick or insider information every other day. I've now learnt to ignore all these messages; there is far more noise than useful content & learning.

    I wouldn't recommend any group as such; but I'm sure you'll find one of such groups around you.


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  4. Vikrant need more good research article from you. Salzer/kirloskar ferrous industries/NMDC if possible, plz share your views on them.

    1. Hello,

      Last few months were bit busy, hope to be regular with writing.

      Thanks for the advise.


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